Reflective Moment ‘Proverbs’


Proverbs has been described as God’s divinely designed self-improvement course. His textbook for learning how to wise up and live.

Everyday of the month we can reflect and read and be nourished, by a Proverb for there is 31 of them.

God’s wisdom in Proverbs,, is designed for us all to understand, and has little to do with academic achievement, but is about everything to do with getting on in life.

As we read through Proverbs, we will find them packed with advice about working hard, eating wisely, watching how much we drink, being careful in what we say, avoiding unhealthy relationships, being wise with our finances, and treating other people with humility and kindness.

Wisdom for every aspect of life, and making good decisions in all matters, that effect our lives. Wisdom centered on Reverence to God

Daily reading of God’s Word, will transform our lives, including A Proverb in our daily reading, will enhance our understanding with the wisdom, Our Lord and Our Friend has for our daily living.

God Bless.

O F J.

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