The Latter Rain


The Latter Rain Is Falling,

Falling From The Most High,

How Shall We Stand In Such Abundant Grace?

Torrents Of Life Are Descending,

God’s Hand Is Stretched Forth,

For Those Willing To Receive And Take Hold With Their Life.

Why Should People Hide And Take Cover From This Tremendous Outpouring?

While Others Cry And Say They Are Not Worthy And Go On Ignoring,

Not Realizing Why God Wants Them To Accept.

Look At The Trees They Take Nourishment From The Rain,

So In This Outpouring From God We Must Do The Same,

And Grow On To Maturity With His Presence As Guide.

Oh Lord I Am Willing To Stand In This River,

A River Whose Head-Waters Come From Above, A River With Your Never Ending Flow Of Love.

Oh The Latter Rain Is Falling,

It Won’t Be Long Before Christ Will Come Himself,

To Take Those Who Have Prepared For His Final Calling.


Be Bless as you stand in all He has for us.

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