Again It is a pleasure to to share a poem from my cousin Ruth whose testimony has previously appeared as a Guest article, Ruth was a Jehovah Witness and has had an amazing transformation to her life, when she accept Christ Jesus as her Lord and Friend. Ruth Poems are a testimony to her amazing transformation. So here is      







As I meditate on your word


I feel your gentle Spirit leading me


To a greater depth of love for you


What a great love I have for thee



You’re taking me to higher ground


Weaning me towards a spiritual high


Preparing me for your call on my life


So that I can soar like an Eagle in the sky



As I come to your resting place


And place my complete trust in you


To cast my burden on you, Dear Jesus


There is no trial you cannot take me through



You read my heart, oh Lord


And I know the desires within


As I listen to and obey your voice


Many great things will surely begin



As I soak your word up like a sponge


I come to a greater understanding


Of your love, your graciousness


In all the things you’re handling



You’ve always been there for me, Dear Jesus


Of that I am very well aware


You fill my heart with joy and love


There are so many times you,ve shown care



So as I take the time to pray


I want to thank you for your love


Your gentleness and your mercy


And lift my hands to my God above.



 Cousin Ruth

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