Faith In Action ‘Overcoming Outside Pressure Sent To Deceive’


We have been talking about communion with God, which we were all created for. Unfortunately some people might say boring, but the Christian life is anything but boring.

Most likely a statement like the statement ‘boring’ comes from the ways of the world, being at enmity to the ways of God. The ways of the world are bright and glittering, and the ways of God are soft and glowing in the Radiance of His Glory.

The ways of the world are more, accessible, because they are in our faces day by day, even though we all can see the Majesty God through the beauty of His Creation. The glittering lights of the world seem to take our attention more, and it appears this problem is worse than ever.

Temptations on all of us are greater than ever, and like any sin, there are doorways into all sin, that seem relatively innocent.

Beside avoiding these doorways to potential disaster, it is important to have positive influences as well.

Firstly: Make yourself accountable to some trust friend, join with them and become prayer partners, watching over each other. The Kid and I often to say to each other,  I have your back, we are watching over each other. I also have a Great prayer mate I have lunch with regularly on Tuesdays.

Secondly: Plant a hedge of protection. begin by removing the weeds. Your hedge must include positive influences, and that should be a reciprocal arrangement with your prayer partner.

Thirdly: Rather than to live the life of a hermit, do what you can to help others. This will encourage you as well as the people you are helping.

Fourthly: Do not preach to others, let your life be a living example of your beliefs

Finally do not neglect your spiritual walk. Read.your Bible regularly, read John 3 verse 16 over and over again, replacing the non gender words with your name. Eg “For God OFJ in this way: He gave His One and Only Son, so that OFJ who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.”  Get the idea place your name where I put OFJ for myself.

Guard your heart; Find strength in what Jesus said the the Church of Philadelphia in Revelation 3 verse 10 {message Bible] “Because you kept My Word in passionate patience, I’ll {Jesus} keep you safe in the time of testing that will soon be here,”

The greatest life we all can have is living in communion with Our Lord and Our Friend.

God Bless.

O F J.

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