Faith In Action – Live Out By People We Know


We all know people who truly live their faith and is actively evident in their lives

It is a pleasure for us to introduce a guest writer this weekend, a man I have known about for over 35 years and we have been close friends for a most  of that time. Recently I asked him would he write a guest article for us, as he really is a pillar in his local church. He is one of those people that never complains never looks for the limelight, and is always reflecting and sharing his great faith. His name is also John so we will refer to him as John  H. John H. also gave us his testimony, which kind of surprised me, I always saw him as a great friend, wonderful man of faith, but to read his testimony was amazing story of God’s Grace.

This is his testimony of how Our Lord and Our Friend transformed his life.

“Using as few words as possible, I went mad from age 18 to 40. Grog {alcohol} got me to such an extent that I was physically dying from it – heart problems, liver damage, eventually difficulty at times even walking up stairs. I could only hold down lowly jobs, was a grief to my family, with no money, no friends and no reputation. I was utterly convicted by The Lord in my late 30’s, but was running, twisting, fleeing from Him. Then one morning, I woke up in utter despair, broken, and at the end of my rope, hating what I was doing and couldn’t stop doing. I started to yell and cry out to The Lord for help. Suddenly a gush of tears came, which startled me, and then a feeling of peace. I got up from my bed saved, and didn’t know it. Later that day I tried to get stuck into the grog {alcohol} and couldn’t. even the smell of it was repugnant to me; then I realized that was The Lord’s doing. Oh, the Joy of my first love – the sense of amazement and gratitude that My Lord and My God loved me. I knew nothing about saying the salvation prayer, but later when I realized the existences of Romans 10, I spoke out to a group of local church people what I believed in my heart about My Lord Jesus, His Grace, Mercy and Loving Kindness unto me, and my commitment to Him. Then i had a sense of completion in knowing that I really was a member of the family of God.”

You see God has plans for us all and God had plans for John h., and turned his life around. I didn’t know the first part of John’s, but I can testify  to his ministry, my good friend has now. If anyone was to have a problem, you would only need to talk to John H and He would give you all  his time and energy to try to help you  John H’s testimony was one of  excessive alcohol use, but nothing is to hard fro Our Lord and Our Friend. He made alcohol repugnant to John H. that he no longer drank.

If anyone of us is to ask the God that created us for help, and be genuine about it, who knows how your life will be transformed, but it will be. Our dear Brother John H. is a living testimony to that.

God Bless.

O F J.

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