Dealing With Difficulties – Sex

This series is dedicated to offering biblical advice and help on some of life’s issues. Especially some of the nasty ones. To make it easy for you all to find, you’ll be able to find these in the top left of the page under the heading “Dealing With Difficulties” and also under the “Dealing With Difficulties” category. We hope you enjoy them, and find God’s amazing answers for whatever troubles you!

– The Kid.


We live in a society where human sexuality has lost it’s true meaning and purpose, seemly in chaos.

It is impossible to distinguish, between love and sex. Love doesn’t always mean sex, and sex certainly is not real love, just on it’s own.

In today’s society sexually transmitted diseases are epidemic, youth pregnancies are on the increase and seemly out of control. Everybody appears to be searching for love.

How can we have real love, until l we know the Love that Our Creator God has for us?. How can we love ourselves, if we have no sense of purpose? We are created by love, to receive love, and to give love.

Yet in the world system, there are problems with sexually transmitted diseases, the rise in teenage pregnancies and even a distortion between genders has become confused.

Lets look at a Biblical reference on this subject, ‘The Song of Solomon’.

The song of Solomon declares a foundational principle for lovers Three times it gives exhortation, ‘Do not stir up nor wake love until it the right time, and not the most convenient time.’

Song of Solomon 2 verse 7  “Do not stir up or awaken love until the appropriate time.”  also in 3 verse 5 and 8 verse 4.

The Song of Solomon, is a poetic writing, and it this way the writing recognizes, that the erotic passions of youth can be aroused before a relationship of true commitment has been completed and established.

From a biblical point of view, there is no room, for a love and leave them concept or mentality. A biblical love demands commitment. It might be hard to believe but the Bible’s love delights in the gift of sexual pleasure, but only in the context of where it is worthy, Marriage, where both parties can grow together, and by growing together be enriched, emotionally and spiritually, as well as physically.

Therefor we must conclude that sex, then is a precious Jewell {something to be treasured}, that must await  the right setting. Our society shows, it is perilous to awaken passion before the right setting has been provided. Our Society can not get away from showing the glossy side of sex, which has no foundation of it own, and it’s real foundation is lust. This allows for a disillusion of  passion, before the right setting has been put in place.

We empathize with all the young people, but the Bible encourages you to let sexual encounters wait until marriage. Society my tell you that is impossible to practice self control, but that is a denial of truth. With the help of Our Lord and Our Friend, you can remain chaste, and hold onto one of the most precious gifts you have, until the right time, with the right person and in the right relationship.

When we look at the Garden of Eden, there were two trees, one they were allowed to eat from the other they were not allow to eat, but Adam and Eve did eat of the forbidden fruit of that tree. Because of this, God’s Word that they would surely die, became evident, and they died to a loving relationship with their Creator God, and at that moment we were all changed in the way we could relate to God.

God still loved them and still loves us, but the intimacy of their relationship with God was broken.

The Jewell we have to save our intimacy for the right person is like that. If we partake of it wrongly or lustfully, we might regret, this beauty that sexual intimacy can bring, will have fallen to something less then it could have been.

God made His creation for intimacy, He is not trying to ruin our lives, by silly rules. God always has the best for us, so don’t settle for anything less, particularly when something as intimate as sex is concerned.

God is a God of restoration, and if we have let our selves down in this area, God is waiting, for us to ask Him for help, as he loves us to much to leave us the way we are.

God Bless.

O F J.

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