The Book Of Acts At A Glance

The Birth of the church. Most people agree it was written by Luke who wrote the Gospel of Luke. Luke accompanied Paul on his journeys. The Gospel of Luke was about the origins of Christianity, Acts is about the origins of the church.

Acts is the biography of The Holy Spirit.

Acts also explores the role of The Holy Spirit in the church. The Holy Spirit is always at work in acts, inspiring, protecting, punishing, informing, pushing the first Christians to even greater lengths, as they spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

Adventure, drama, violence, injustice, miracles and human interest, The Book of Acts has the plots and the characters to be one of the greatest selling books on it’s own. It is not based on fiction it all really happened and the Acts are continuing to happen.

The book of Acts tells the story of the first Christians after Jesus’ resurrection. Tells the story of how the church spread across the roman empire. Tells and records the persecution suffered by the first Christians. Tells and gives example of how The Holy Spirit authenticated their messages. Tells of the Apostles preaching and the results. Traces the story of Paul from conversion to imprisonment in Rome.

The religious and it’s leaders tried to stop the wonderful message {Acts3 and 4}.

The temple guards arrested Peter and John for preaching on Temple property. The disciples end up standing in front of the same high council that had condemned Jesus to death. Council leaders ordered the disciples to stop talking about Jesus. The disciples reply “Do you think God wants us to obey you rather then Him? We cannot stop.” “Reluctantly the council released them rather than risk a riot.”

How sad it would be to stop witnessing for Our Lord and Our Friend but if any of us were forced to make a choice what we really do, that is a point to ponder.

We started the week with scripture verse Acts 1 verse 8 “But you will receive power when The Holy Spirit comes upon you”

So it is our belief with the help of The Holy Spirit we would not give up witnessing despite the cost, because the cost would only be temporal.

We have written about the Acts of the people who received that Power. The same Promise is available to us today so with the freedom of that power, no one would want to stop sharing the Powerful Message of Our Lord and Our friend.

The acts of His Followers are still continuing, so receive the Promise and continue to be the people the Holy Spirit can use FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS.

Read Acts and enjoy there is much more we could have said but we did “Acts at a Glance.”

God Bless .

O F J .

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