Galatians At A Glance

Written by Paul, Galatia is a region not a city. It is likely that the letter was sent to the churches Paul had established on his first missionary journey. {Acts chapter 13}.

Galatians asked the most important question a person can ever ask; what do I have to do, in practical terms, to gain a right relationship with God?

Paul’s answer in simple terms, nothing. Admitting there is nothing you can do, and putting your faith in Christ, as the one who has already done for you everything that is necessary, is all you need.

There were Jewish Christians who were visiting the churches and insisting that all believers must be circumcised. Paul and Barnabas argued with them. Paul is writing to counter their theories.

These teachers were also questioning the right for Paul to be called an Apostle. Paul asserted his right to called an apostle and argued that the Gospel is a Gospel of love and grace. It is no longer about laws and regulations, but faith in God.

Paul answer is by Christ alone, we enter into a relationship with God. This teaching was one one they found hard to accept. They wanted to work their way to heaven. Paul explains that the price has been paid already, they just had to get aboard by Faith.

Paul claimed that teaching anything else but Christ and Christ alone, was another Gospel, a denial of what Jesus had done and what all the Apostles taught.

Paul explains again what it means to be “Justified by Faith” {Previous blog}. Paul has seen first hand what slavish obedience to the law had done to the people. He had seen it’s failure to save anybody. There was no way he was going to let anyone step back to that way of teaching.

Paul language was strong as any Old Testament prophet on this subject. He is as anger at those who advocate circumstances that he wishes they would cut the whole lot off.

We have been freed by Christ Jesus, it doesn’t matter if you have been circumcised or not. The important message is, it is  Faith that leads to love for others.

Paul is not against works, on the contrary, he agrees continually in his letters for the importance of doing the right things and avoiding immorality, but the works spring from Faith.

It is Faith that makes us loves others {Galatians 5 v6}, and obedience to Christ Jesus that makes us offer others a helping hand {Galatians 6 v 2}.

In a nut shell; Galatians calls Christians back to personal faith in Christ Jesus.

Describes how people are ‘Justified ’ before God by Faith ALONE.

Encourages Christians to use their freedom in Christ Jesus responsibly.

Contrasts “the works of the flesh” with the “fruits of the Spirit”.

Key Verse Galatians # vers11 “Now it is clear that no one is justified before God by the law, because the righteous will live by Faith.”

Read Galatians and enjoy and take hold of the freedom we have by faith in Christ Jesus {Our Lord and Our Friend}.

God Bless.

O F J.

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