Faith In Actions – Workplace Encounters 2

Whatever we do, we should do it with enthusiasm for the Lord. I mentioned many times what a privilege I have in driving a taxi, with some of the people the Lord would have me meet. After last week story where I met a son Steve on one occasion and his father Ron on another occasion, whose the mother and wife had been burnt in a farming accident and was in hospital.

I had the wonderful experience of meeting Robyn whose husband was burnt also by a farming accident. Robyn was under great stress, but Robyn shared the whole story of the accident and the problems she was having. Robyn told me both her and her injured husband were believers, but were not regular church goers.

I gave out our ministry card and the Scripture verse really spoke to Robyn. We quickly prayed together for her husband and family as they had small children, before she left the taxi. I also told Robyn she could contact the ministry anytime and if we couldn’t help, we would find someone who could.

Robyn was very thankful and surprised that she could find comfort in a taxi. I told her, she should not be surprised because God loved her and cared about her and her concerns. The community through the local church were being supportive.

It is wonderful thing to encourage people and reassure them that God does love them. I encourage you all to share your faith with a stranger when ever you get a chance. The encouragement comes both ways.

God chooses ordinary people for service in His Kingdom. Christianity is not against rational thinking. Christians clearly do believe and are encouraged to use their minds to weigh the evidence and make wise choices.

God sometimes takes joy in using the ordinary for extraordinary purposes. What are some of the ordinary things in your life; your voice, a pen, a hammer, a broom, a musical instrument?

While it is easy to assume God can use only special skills, you must not hinder His use of the everyday contributions you can make.

Our Lord and Our Friend can use anybody and we were all born for such a time as this.

God Bless.

O F J.

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