What Do You Think? – Inquiring Mind

The kid has been putting some soul searching questions for discussion out there lately. It is good for us to have an inquiring mind. If we believe something because someone else has told us and not do some self inquiry we are really believing someone else faith or story.

One thing about being a follower {Christian}, we can have a relationship experience for ourselves, and when we meet other Christians, we can share and edify each other, with our faith experiences.

Sure we have to learn about The God that created us from someone else, but when we come to know Him for ourselves, the desire to know more about our loving God, is a privilege for us all to seek out.

The more we find out about Him, the more wonderful our journey through life becomes.

My question: Most people in the world want the best, so why do we settle in our knowledge about God, when there is a lot more of Him for each of us to know?

The more we inquire the more He reveals so why do we get settled in what we know and not release the power of our inquiring minds to know more about Him?
God Bless.

O F J?

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