Faith In Action – The Little Things

We are always relating about life experiences we have had in sharing our faith.

In sharing something surprise us, somethings really uplift us, not all sharing experiences are the same, but it is a wonderful experience to share about Our Lord and Friend.

I have shared some of my life experiences I have had when driving my taxi. We have also told you about out ministry cards that we hand out. IF IT MATTERS TO YOU IT MATTERS TO HIM.

We never force ourselves on people, there are too many spiritually needy people out there waiting for someone to tell them what is real. We get chances to witness and pray for people.

One of my more unexpected responses to give a young man our card goes something like this.

I picked up this young man in the city precinct and he was going to an outer suburb. When he approached the taxi he told me he did not have all the money to take him home, but would give the money to me when he arrived home.

I told him I would take him, but he should not think about running from the taxi and not paying the fare on completion of the journey.

As we traveled I ask him questions and he responded about his life gladly. (Runners are the people who run generally talk openly) They are trying to get your confidence and catch you off guard and then run without paying.

He told me about his family. So I asked him my Big Question do you have a faith in God. He was quiet for a minute or too and then said he used to go to church but due to family breakdown, life had sort of fallen apart and the church part of life had fallen away.

I gave him our card. He was quiet again. I thought, Oh Dear, as I wasn’t trying to upset him.

His response amazed me. He said “I can’t run from you man, I was really going to because the address I gave you is false, and it is an address that allows me to run without paying”.

He continued “you serve Him, So I can’t run from you, I never thought I would ever get witnessed to this way”. Then he told me his real address.

He showed me along the way to his house, where he was going to run and how he had done it before to a taxi.

When we reached his home, he gave me his wallet, his I/d and his jacket to hold while he went inside to obtain the money to pay. He came out with the money we talked for awhile and he told me about his family situation and his sister who was a concern to him.

I told Him God still loved him, but please do not run away from taxi drivers. He turned to me and said “please do not stop giving away the cards it was a real jolt to the way he should be living”.

We shook hands and I told him I would put him and his family situation in our prayer bible, and we would be praying for him.

He smiled as he left.

Never stop doing the small things for God, people are wanting to believe He is real and how much He loves them

God Bless


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