Faith In Action – Healing

People often ask can you hear from God, or does God speak to people?

Well years ago they had nothing to communicate with long distance. There was morse code, carrier pigeons etc, but no radios, televisions, no mobile phones or internet.

The internet is becoming faster and faster, well God made these ways possible to communicate, and we haven’t stopped improving our knowledge about communication.

Thought to ponder “if we haven’t stopped finding about ways to communicate maybe there are ways that God does communicate with us but most people are not listening

God’s ways are higher than man’s ways, God’s thoughts are higher than man may ever think.

I was working in a shop I used to own when a lady from out of town came into browse.

Emma a beautiful older lady God let help me in the shop, asked the lady if she needed prayer, as we were only too happy to pray for her.

She said she didn’t have the time and was on her way to a doctor’s appointment.

We never push people into prayer so she left.

Later that afternoon the lady returned and ask if we could still pray for her.

Gladly we obliged. While praying for I her I felt God tell me something. So I asked her what was wrong with your neck area? To me it felt like it was all gummed up. “Do you have trouble in that area?”

Tears came to her eyes and she asked how I could possibly know that, and that her neck was the reason she had seen the doctor, because she was in a car accident. Emma and I proceeded to pray for her, and when you pray you know God has done something good.

To our bewilderment the lady said she felt the same, as if nothing had happened.

She had told us she was going to church, in her words she sat on a pew once a week.

Then I felt God show me something else. He showed me the reason why her healing hadn’t happened, a lack of true faith in God’s abilities had made her seekout, what God calls “Soothsayers”. God is very clear in the book of Samuel about how much he hates soothsayers and mystics, then Saul goes to consult one, which eventually leads further to his demise. Soothsayers and mystics are the devils twisted attempts at God’s miraculous abilities.

So I turned to her and said what God had revealed to me, with nothing but love and concern, “why do you consult the soothsayers?

The lady asked what I meant, to which I responded ”you’re getting your tarot cards read are you not?”

She looked at me with a bewildered expression on her face and said yes.

I asked “how do you expect to get anything from God when you consult the powers of darkness.”

I asked her if was she was willing to repent and ask Jesus into her life as her true Lord and Friend.

Together we all prayed.

Immediately she was  moving her body as a freedom she had never had came to her life.

God is always amazing Praise His wonderful name.

God speaks to a vessel ready to listen and be used for His Glory.

God bless


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