Freedom From Sin

Freedom is such a funny thing to define, an even rarer thing for the majority of people on the earth to have truly experienced, having never been in any serious form of bondage, captivity or imprisonment.

As such, it can be a concept we Christians talk about but never truley grasp. The number of people I’ve had see me and say “I don’t feel like I’ve been forgiven” is staggering. They’ve admitted their sins, they’ve asked for forgiveness, they’ve done everything the Bible has said we have to do to receive forgiveness, yet they continue to carry the weight and burden of the sin. Hardly sounds like freedom to me.

Now, I don’t think we need to be imprisoned or kidnapped for us to have the revelation of freedom given to us. I think the issue lies in our ability to grasp the word of the Lord and apply it to our lives.

It’s almost like we find it hard to believe that all we have to do is ask for forgiveness and that it’s granted to us. No physical exchange, no penance, nothing, just a sincere repentant heart.

Essentially it’s this doubt that keeps us bound, keeps us living in the condemnation and accusations of the enemy. We readily accept his lies instead of the freedom God has granted us. We replace the sin that has been seperated from us with the weighty burden of the enemies new deceptions. Which in turn leads us to further doubt the work of God in our life.

It can lead to a resentment to the Lord, and almost have us believe that God doesn’t want to forgive for the things we’ve done. We almost believe that we are unforgivable.

Well here’s the good news. When we ask God for forgiveness and approach with a repentant heart, he sets us free from the bondage of the enemy. He removes the sin that seperates us from God, and nails it to the very cross he was crucified on.

It doesn’t matter how you feel inside, or whether you felt anything when you asked for forgiveness, he was cast your sin away “as far as the east is from the west.”

God is a God of promises, and for us to really experience his freedom, we need to stop selecting what words of His we are going to take and apply to our lives and start taking Him for every word he says.

Just remember that their is no sin that you can commit that you would seek reptenance for that God would not forgive you for. He want’s to free you from the sin that keeps you from Him, and have you walk with his Yoke, which is light and easy.

Now that sounds like Freedom to me!

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