An Easter Reflection

Easter time is a time for reflection, and in our prayers sometimes we pray so sanitized that Our Lord and Our Friend must wonder if our hearts are connected with our voice.

We try to hide how we feel from Him, but He knows everything anyway. He knows our pain, our anger, our sorrow, our doubts our hurts and our wrong choices, yet when we pray we try to present ourselves to Him in a positive way.

He created us with feeling and emotions, we need to express them to Him not try to hide them from Him. Maybe we feel that expressing our gloomiest to Our Lord and Our Friend might offend Him. Perhaps we were brought up to bury those emotions and feelings and never let anyone see them.

He knows them anyhow, God is Omniscience, He knows everything, He just wants us to be honest with Him. God knows us and still loves us. We matter to Him and He wants to hear everything on our hearts. 1 Peter 5 Verse 7:

“Casting all your cares upon Him, because He care for you”.

It is time we learn to lift up painfully honest prayers, understudying that they are not painful to God.

So this Easter when we celebrate Our Lord’s death and resurrection, let us commit ourselves again, to giving all of ourselves again to Him, Lock, stock and barrel.

This Easter let us have, more of Him and be renewed by the Grace He extents to us through the cross.

Because His Grace is sufficient for us, in every area of our lives. 2 Corinthians 12 Verse 9.

God Bless.


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