Wonderful Account From “Hebrews”

The author is unknown, but they demonstrate the absolute supremacy and sufficiency of Jesus Christ.

The Jewish Christians are under great pressure to return to the Law of God had given to Moses. In response the writer of Hebrews shows how Christianity has roots that run deep into their beliefs.

Out of those roots, God is growing fulfillment, Jesus is the fulfillment of the Old Covenant. All the rituals and worship services of the temple were a shadow of Jesus, they pointed to Him

Christ Jesus makes the old covenant, with sacrifices to cover our sins, obsolete. Hebrews 10 verse 4: “For it is impossible for the blood of bulls and goats to take away sin”. Jesus is the great High Priest who made the once and for all sacrifice for the sins of the world and then sat down at God the Father’s right hand.

So God revealed to Jeremiah that he was going to establish a new covenant, He was going to write His laws on people’s hearts.

God fulfilled what he promised. His New Covenant is complete in Christ Jesus, accomplishing what the Old Covenant could never do on its own.

To step away from Jesus is to step away from the greatest salvation, and the only way to be made right with God.

In Hebrews we are reminded of some of the greatest heroes of faith, eg. Noah, Abraham, Sarah Moses and others. Somehow these old testament faith heroes knew that the world was broken and somehow God would make things right. There faith spoke of God’s promises and longed it would be true.

Just as they longed in faith, we too can look forward as God’s Kingdom People, to the day when His Kingdom here is completed, and He will bring us into His Eternal presence forever and ever.

God Bless.


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