Beware Of Unbelief

Beware of unbelief! The apostle Paul says to us, You were running a good race. Who gets us and somehow keeps us from obeying the Truth. Galatians 5 verse 7.

Unbelief  hinders blessing, God tells why we cannot enter into His blessing ; Hebrews 3 verse 19:

The Book of Numbers in the  Old Testament, might be called the wilderness wanderings. it is also called the book of murmurings. Sometimes in our lives, we come to believe that things don’t add up around our lives. When it comes to understanding the Book of Numbers, we see the Book portrays Jesus Christ as ‘Our Lifted up One’.

But most people could think if we said we were writing about numbers, it was something about Mathematics, this Book of Numbers.

But the Book of Numbers is about faithfulness – portraying the faithfulness of God dealing with people who are often unfaithful.

The Book presents a challenge to the people of God to live Holy and righteous lives according to the Word of God, and as a result, enjoy the blessing and benefits of living in right relationship with Him.

The blessings of God are free, and he will not take them from you, all he simply asks, is for you to come into right relationship with him. To begin walking with our Lord and Friend in the cool of the day, like a person was created to do.

The book of numbers is like a giant census. All of his people were counted and numbered, much in the same way that he knows the number of hairs on our very heads.

Though the book of numbers can be a bit dry, just remember that the God of the universe who has named and numbered all the stars in sky, all the days of your life, and all the hairs on your head, has a keen interest in you and a matchless devotion.

Order and discipline are essential for successfully completing our journey through life.

Even when the odds are overwhelming, we can believe in God and His Promises.

Beware of the unbelief of others. It is contagious.

Fearing others and failing to trust God has grievous consequences.

Like Joshua and Caleb, don’t follow the unbelief of the majority. Base our faith in God alone and reap the blessings.

So when sometimes in our lives, we might not think that things are as they should be around us, or add up to what we can understand, we should have the assurance, We are more than just a number to Our Lord and Our Friend, We are His very children, whom He holds dear to His heart.

Be excited as you read Numbers again, and be blessed.

God Bless.


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