Faith In Action ‘Be Free To Forgive’

Our future lies in happiness, and if we can approach the future in hope, we will be happy. one of the things that hold us back from happiness is holding things from the past. Our past should be out stepping stones and learning stones of our future, not stones that weigh us down.

Jesus uttered these words from the cross, “Forgive them Father they know not what they do.” Under the immense suffering of the cross, Jesus said those words. The creator of the universe who was being crucified by His own creations asked the Father to forgive them. Jesus knew what He was doing it was a price He was prepared to pay, but He could have called it all off, and had the persecutors rubbed out.

Jesus Forgave to show us the way, unforgiveness is a SIN and had to be broken at the cross, just like all the power sin had had to bind us.

With the freedom Jesus won for us, over all sin, so sin could not have any power over us. We have hope. Hope dares to imagine the future as a legitimate alternative to the hopeless repetitions of the past. The refusal to forgive is a destructive force, that forever pulls the painful past back to the present.

Don’t let the power of unforgiveness hold back the happiness of your assured future with Our Lord and Our Friend.

There are many stories in the bible were unforgiveness would have plagued opportunities. The story of Joseph in Genesis 37 to 47. Read it for yourself.

As we read in the story of Joseph, he was a dreamer, the eleventh of twelve brothers.  He was also the favorite son of his father. The favoritism and Joseph’s optimism caused his brothers to resent him. Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery.

Joseph ended up with an opportunity to extract revenge against his brothers. Joseph could have sold his brothers into slavery as they had sold him.

But Joseph does not do this, instead Joseph forgives his brother, provides for their families,and saves his father’s family destiny.

Forgiveness in this story provides Israel with a future. These words of forgiveness by Joseph came at the close of Genesis. It is only because Joseph chose to forgive that the Bible has a future. Only because Joseph chose not to act on the injustice, and forgive his brothers and move forward by trusting God, can God’s redemptive plan move forward through the seed of Abraham. Without forgiveness the Bible does not get passed the first book of the Bible Genesis. Without forgiveness there is no future for any of us.

It is part of God’s nature to forgive, it should also be the corner stone of our nature to.

Remember all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God, if we acknowledge all our wrongdoings {sin} that holds us back, we have a great future and a great testimony to be used for God’s glory.

Hand all your unforgiveness to our loving God {Our Lord and Our Friend}, acknowledge His forgiveness and ask him to clothe you in His special covering of forgiveness.

Do not be weighed down, Forgive just as you have been forgiven.

God Bless


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