Wonderful Account From ‘Book Of Ecclesiastics’

The writer reveals what he has discovered about the meaninglessness of every human activity without God at the center of one’s life.

King Solomon is the most likely writer of Ecclesiastes, has everything. Solomon is the King of Israel at the height of the nation’s power. God had given him the wisdom he had asked for, and he was the wisest man who ever lived. Yet he wrote about ‘what is the meaning of life’.

In this book, Solomon shares about his feelings. He pursues wisdom, wealth, wine, and woman. He chases everything except God and finally comes to an unsettling conclusion, life is meaningless.

The sadness of this conclusion, Solomon declares it over and over, everything is meaningless.

Solomon’s experiment, and the evidence and conclusion he finds, nothing will fulfill him, that all our days under the sun are meaningless. To realize this, is uncomfortable and something we might all need to get to so, God can have per-eminence in our lies.

This book is about a King who pursues all that life had to offer, and nothing fulfilled him. The book is really a gift from God, on how much more He has for us.

Like a protective father, God includes King Solomon reflection is His Word, so that we can understand for ourselves there is more to life, than what we can own and see in this world.

If we want to find satisfaction in this world, you must look beyond it. God exist, and He wants to have relationship with us.There is also an entire spiritual; realm, spiritual beings and a cosmic battle going in this broken world we live in.

There is a real eternity, and in the eternity, God will make all things right forever. Solomon in his hopeless laments, we are left wondering, Who can rescue us from these futile circumstances. What can satisfy our longing souls.

As Solomon search poses the questions, we can turn to the Creator for our answers. In Him, He is readily giving us the fulfillment and meaning, we are longing for.

Take from the message, that we are not to be stuck in the futility of life, but to take hold of all Our Lord and Our Friend has for us

God Bless.

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