Faith In Action ‘Alone With God’

Alone With God

Reading scripture we find many people who took time to be alone with God. In these days’ nobody seems to have anytime because of the busyness of life. Taking time to be with Our Lord and Our Friend, is a wonderful thing to do.

It is essential be alone with Our Lord and Our Friend in order to clearly hear from Him. Until we take time, we are robbing ourselves of spiritual growth. We need to be serious in our commitment in following Our Lord and Our Friend.

Jesus often withdrew and prayed: Luke 5 Verse 16: “Yet He often withdrew to deserted places and prayed.

Matthew 14 Verse 23: “After dismissing the crowd, He went up on the mountain by Himself to pray.”

Our Lord and Our Friend clarifies His plans for our lives when nobody else is around. That is because He wants us to be more influenced by Him then by anyone else.

Even if we hid ourselves from the circumstances of life. Our Lord and Our Friend knows where we are, if we look at the story of Elijah 19 Verse 9: “What are you doing here Elijah’.

Sometimes we put ourselves away from other people, it is in those times we should always make ourselves available to Our Lord and Our Friend. Jeremiah 15 Verse 17:

“Because Your hand was on me’ I sat alone.”

Learn the difference between loneliness {being lonely} and solitude {A state of being alone}.

When God calls us to be alone, it a time to learn and be nourished afresh by Him

Take time to be alone with Him

God Bless


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