Wonderful Account Book Of ‘Exodus’

From slavery to freedom. God reveals Himself to His people and delivers them from slavery in Egypt to establish a covenant with them in the desert.

A few hundred years had passed since the happenings at the end of Genesis. The family God had chosen had grown into a large nation, but they were in slavery in Egypt.

Their physical captivity, was a reflection of their spiritual captivity. The dark shadow of evil had damaged their capacity to see, and know and trust God. I bit like a picture of people who don’t yet know God in this generation.

The people in Exodus’s situation must learn who God is and what His love is like. So as a part of God’s wonderful spiritual rescue, God miraculously carries out His people physical rescue.

It is not surprising who God uses, because He knows what is in people hearts. To lead His people out of bondage God uses a run away prince, now doing a mundane job of being a shepherd in a hard environment, Moses.

God tells Moses that he is going to rescue his people out of slavery, and He is sending him to lead them. I can imagine if Moses is anything like us, he probably said, ‘really’. God promises which He never breaks is that He will go with Moses.

Moses begins a relationship with God he hardly knows. John 3 verse 16, is the start of a journey with a God any ‘Whosoever’ can start with the God they hardly know and grow in a relationship, where He will become their Lord and their friend.

Back in Egypt, God performs signs and wonders that show His great authority over all of creation and the false God’s they were following. The stubbornness of Pharaoh finally gives in, and he lets God’s people go.

God’s majestic authority is on display as He leads His people through Moses. On the journey to the promise land God gives the people laws that will help them see His love, mercy and goodness.

As God’s people follow Him through the wilderness back to the land He is giving to them, He reveals to them who He really is. It was a process, but the people finally made it to the Promise land.

From bondage of slavery to freedom, is the salvation message, it starts with a response of acceptance to Our Lord and Our Friend’s calling, and will lead us on the greatest journey, we can ever be on, to our eternal destination with Him.

God Bless.


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