Wonderful Account From ‘2 Corinthians’

Excitement to be leaned from the Book of 2 Corinthians. Revelation of God and the excitement comes comes to our lives can be gleaned from every book of the Bible.

After writing his first letter to the Corinthians, Paul had a plan to stay in Ephesus a little while longer. Paul stay was cut short by a riot of the tradesmen over the effect Christianity was having of the sale of idols.

Witness to truth about the Gospel, The Good News of God’s Grace to others can be challenging, when there is a cost to the people we are witnessing too.

In the second letter, Paul updates the Corinthians with his past movements after leaving them and explains why he did not directly return. Paul actually goes into a defense of His life and ministry, which some had called into question.

Paul gives thanks to God for bringing him through though times, and giving him great joy. Something we should all take note of, giving thanks despite what we are going through. Paul reflects on the amazing opportunities Believers have to be Christ representatives to the world, again this is something that should encourage all of us.

Paul continues by sharing the Nature of Christian Ministry. I which Paul encourages believers that, although they will at times suffer, for their faith and witness, they can be fearless in the face of death, because it is not the end. Paul glories in the life-giving power of the gospel to transform hearts and bring true spiritual freedom.

Paul then go on to share the Glory of Christian Ministry. Paul hears from Titus about the Corinthians repentant hearts. Where he now launches in to the longest discussion on the New Testament, into principles of giving to support other ministries. Paul also calls the rebellious minorities to repent, so he will not have to deal with the problem when He returns.

The real excitement that can be taken from 2 Corinthians is: As we seek to live for Our Lord and Our Friend, we too will probably be maligned, misunderstood, dealt with harshly and even falsely accused. When this happens, Look to Christ Jesus. Remember who we are In Him. {Romans 8 verse 1} Keep on sharing what our Lord and Our Friend has done in and through us. Take on the trials that are coming our way, while remembering it doesn’t matter what we go through, {2 Corinthians 12 verse 9 } “His Grace is Sufficient for us.” in all we do and all we go through.

Be blessed as you read 2 Corinthians again, and be excited and encouraged.

God Bless.


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