Scripture Verse Of The Week

Proverbs 20 verse 7: states that: “The one who lives with integrity is righteous; his {her} children who came after him[her} will be happy”.

If we turn in our Bible to The Book of Daniel we will see from one of the best about integrity. Daniel 6 verse 1 to 5:

When Darius, The Mede conquered Babylon, Darius found he had a need to appoint experienced managers to maintain civil order, to be collectors of taxes {yes those people have been around along time}, to stimulate trade.

Darius selected 120 provincial governors known as ‘Satraps’ or put it more easily prospectors of the Kingdom. {Yes and bureaucracy was around then} Over these Darius place three Governors, including Daniel.

Darius chose Daniel because of the excellent spirit with him. Daniel was above reproach, and he was trustworthy {Above board}. Daniel was also known for refusing to participate in bribery or extortion. But Daniel reputation was so excellent, that his character distinguished him from all the others, that Darius intended to place him over the whole realm.

When Daniels proven attributes resulted in his advancement, his rivals plotted against him.Daniel’s only fault was he was too faithful to God.

Daniel story is a story of great faithfulness and trust in His God. Our Lord and Our Friend calls us all to develop this same excellent of spirit. We honor Our Lord and Our Friend, whenever we carry out our responsibilities with diligence and faithful service. We are to display our faithfulness of service, despite how we are perceived by others, and the false accusations that maybe made against us.

God Bless.

O F J.

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