Faith In Action ‘His Word Is Like Fire’

We can not build with just any material just any words, it must be God’s Word in our mouth to be effective. Jeremiah 23 Verse 29;

“Is not My Words like fire—the Lord’s declaration …”

God’s Word in our mouths is a powerful. As we speak and proclaim God’s Word out of our mouths, it will accomplish God’s purpose in the spiritual realm.

It is always first the spiritual then the natural  We can’t see it at work immediately, but the Word will bear fruit, Isaiah 55 Verse 11:

“So My word that comes from My mouth will not return to Me empty”. Speaking and proclaiming the Word of God is powerful.

The woman who pressed into touch Jesus in Mark 5 Verse 32 her actions were those of complete  faith in Who God is.

If we are to speak and proclaim and to press into His Word, the formula is still the same. Faith works, Faith achieves, Faith accomplishes.

Let not our word be empty, but let the words we speak and proclaim be out of pressing into with all our being the amazing truth of our Lord and Our friend.

Idle word can be destructive, but word spoken through the power of Gods’ word, accomplish with the faith they are spoken in.Lets all be Hearers, speakers and doers of His most powerful Word.

God Bless.


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