Weekend Inspiration

“The Lord will repay me ..

.” David the king faced a worse time in his life and a certain man by the name of Shimei who carried a hurt against David from the past. He came out and constantly spoke cursing words against David called him, a murderer, a man of blood, corrupt, threw stones and many false accusations on him.

All those accusations were false not true they were lies. One of David’s powerful friends wanted to hit Shimei but, David stopped him. Instead he looked up to the living God almighty and took refuge in Him and said: the Lord will repay me with good for the cursing I’m receiving today (2 Samuel 16:12).

I find myself in a similar situation like David. I have my ” Shimeis” who are constantly attacking and throwing stones of false accusations upon me, cursing me, calling me a murderer , corrupt, a man of blood etc. All these accusations are false and are lies.

David inspires and encourages me to look up to the Lord. I’m taking refuge in my living God who fights for me and is my defence. Shimei of David’s time never repented from his sins and soon reaped what he was sowing. It is my prayer for my “Shimeis” who are throwing stones of false accusations on me that they may find grace to repent and avoid God’s judgement. If you are a servant or a child of God and are facing your “Shimei”? Look up to God and take refuge in him like David did.

God bless you.

Your brother in Christ Pastor Farman

Pastor Farman Bethnay Church Pakistan.

Please check out Pastor Farman church in Ministry in Pakistan through the internet

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