Not Just A Bible Character ‘Nehemiah’

Read about Nehemiah in the Old Testament Book of the same name.

Nehemiah’s name means ‘The word comforts’.

Nehemiah was a cupbearer in the court of the King of Persia Artaxerxes. a person who was a cupbearer would need faith, because they were also food tasters. They tasted the food before the king in case it was poisoned.

Nehemiah pleaded to be sent to Judah to aid his fellow countrymen in their difficulties and in particular to rebuild Jerusalem.

Nehemiah had a so called good job in the place of the king, but he pleaded to be allowed to return to help in the rebuilding of Jerusalem. He was to be a good leader and lead by example.

Nehemiah’s  strengths that can be an example to all of us;

He was a man of character, prayer and commitment to what he believed.

He was a brilliant leader and under his leadership the walls around the city were built in 52 days.

His leadership led the nation to religious reforms and spiritual awakening.

He calm in the face of opposition, and discerning when it come to dealing with the people sins.{wrong doings that would have held them back}

Notable things to be taken from Nehemiah life:

He was a man of prayer, prayed before he did things.

Prayer, asking for our Lords’ help, we can accomplish impossible tasks.

God is always willing to help, if we make ourselves available to Him, and walking and talking with Him, is apart of accepting His help.

Read Nehemiah story in full and see for yourself what a prayerful and faithful person can achieve with the help of Our Lord and Our Friend.

Verse to remember: Nehemiah 1 verse 10 and 11; Message Bible:

“Well, there they are – your servants, your people whom you so powerfully and impressively redeemed. O Master, listen to me listen to your servant’s prayer – and yes, to all your servants who delight in honoring you – and make me successful today so that I get what I want from the king.”

Nehemiah was not asking this for himself he was asking this for his people. Nehemiah displayed selflessness, which is really a great commodity, of a person of faith.

God Bless.


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