Not Just A Bible Character ‘Mordecai’

Read about Mordecai, in the Book of Esther.

Mordecai is really the unsung hero in the Book of Esther. Mordecai was a relative of Esther and had adopted here and brought her up to respect God’s ways. Oh for parents or guardians like that today!

Mordecai stood for principles which only honored God. when King Xerxes honored Haman the Agagite, for some really unknown reason, Mordecai refused to honor Haman.

This made no sense at the time, accept keeping his commitment to the one true God. Rather than bow down, Mordecai accepted the stigma and embarrassment on himself, and also on Esther. Esther even wonder what Mordecai was doing, by taking this stance. Mordecai succeeded in making Haman angry, and day after day he intentionally infuriated Haman.

Haman found out Mordecai background of being a Jew, so Haman manipulated King Xerxes to put his seal on an edict that would destroy all Jews. Mordecai took to fasting and wearing sackcloth at the gate of the kings palace.

Esther found out the reason for Mordecai apparent strange behavior, was because of the fate handed down to the Jewish people, Esther was also a Jew.

The Motto of this ministry {My Lord My Friend} is for such a time as this. Mordecai was to say these words to Esther:

“And who knows but that you have come to your position as Queen ‘For Such A Time as This’.”

We have written a separate story on Esther as a person of faith. Esther did the right thing, but brave thing and approached the king when she really had no right to.

As a result Mordecai actions were vindicated. Haman was hanged on the gallows he himself had made to for Mordecai and his people.

Mordecai displayed strength and courage, in the face of adversity.

He had the courage to accept a stigma associated with his belief in God.

He had the courage to stand for what was right, for many and not only himself.

He was also a good father figure to Esther.

Like all of us he had a weakness: he may have got quite angry and annoying, but he had great reason.

Mordecai received an honor from the King: Esther Chapter 6.

Verse to remember Esther 10 verse 3:  “Mordecai continued to seek good for his people and to speak for the welfare of all his kindred.”

Reflection from the life of Mordecai. “To be a servant is to be in the  likeness of God, for god is in His creation serving it, providing everything, from food for the sparrow, to forgiveness to the sinner.

So it doesn’t matter what situation we find ourselves in, Our Lord and Our friend will always be with us to help.

God Bless.


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