Faith In Action “Pondering A Psalm’


This Psalm is either referred to as either The Twofold Revelation of God or The Witness of Creation and Scripture.

Psalm 19 verse 1 The heavens declare the glory of God, the sky {or expanse} proclaims to work of His hands.

We can turn in our bibles to Romans 1 verse 20

From the creation of the world His invisible attributes, that is, eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what He has made. As a result, people are without excuse.

A question to be asked is, is everyone really without excuse? What about remote tribal people who never hear the gospel? This seems unduly harsh doesn’t it? Paul was clear that no one can claim ignorance of God’s existence and power. Why? because God has clearly revealed many attributes in the natural world, enough for people to respond in some manner. Certainly people can not know all there is to know about God from nature. However they can know enough to hold them accountable for responding to this knowledge.

Paul affirms that God will render, just judgement to each person according to whatever light {remain} that person received, either by natural revelation the Law or by the Gospel of Christ.

There is no evidence of a second chance to trust Christ Jesus after death, and clearly the N.T states that salvation is solely in Christ Jesus.

With the great lengths that God has gone to, to reveal  himself, and the plan He has to rescue us from sin, then surely we can be confident of His Just loving attitude towards the evangelized

Psalm 19 verse 2 Day after day they pour speech, night after night they communicate knowledge

verse 3 There is no speech; there are no words; their voice is not heard.

verse 4 Their message has gone out to all the earth, and their words to the ends of the inhabited world. In the heavens He has pitched a tent for the sun.

verse 5 It is like a groom coming from the bridal chamber; it rejoices like an athlete running a course.

verse 6 it rises from one end of the heavens and circles to their other end; nothing is hidden from it’s heat.

Most human beings know that something is wrong with the world, and there is a deep longing that it be put right. The multiplicity of religions and sects give way to a variety of explanations of why the world isn’t as it should be.

God through Jesus created everything perfect.

Gospel of John verse 1 to 5

Verse 1 In the beginning was the Word { The Word is Greek for logo is the tile for Jesus}, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Verse 2 He {Jesus} was with God in the beginning.

Verse 3 All things were created through Him {Jesus}, and a[pert from Him {Jesus} not one thing has been created.

Verse 4 Life was In Him {Jesus} and that life was the light of men.

Verse 5 That light shines in darkness yet the darkness, did not overcome it. {The darkness didn’t grasp it, comprehend or overtake that light}

God created man and as we have stated before God could have created Robots, but He created Man and woman for companionship with Him, because of this there was a need to give His creations a free will.

Man and woman abused that free will thus ruining the relationship with God.

This abuse of trust, turned the whole of creation around, things were meant to be perfect, just as God {Jesus} had created them, now through mans betrayal things were no longer perfect.

This is a short explanation of why most human beings know that something is wrong with the world, and there is a deep longing to put it right.

The world can never be perfect again, but man’s relationship to God can be restored through what Jesus {the creator} did on the cross.

The Creator died as one of His Creations {as God incarnate in Flesh} to pay the price of the abuse that first man Adam bought to the world.

John 1 verse 14 The Word {Jesus} became flesh, and took up residence among us. We observed His Glory, the Glory as the One and Only Son from the Father.

This was a long way round to explain this Psalm read it all Psalm verse 1 to 14 it is full of revelation.

The ending to this particular Psalm is like a salvation prayer asking the creator God to cleanse us.

Psalm 19 verse 7 The instruction of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul; the testimony of the Lord is trustworthy .

verse 8 The precepts of the Lord are right, making the heart glad;the commandments of the Lord is radiant.

verse 9 The fear of the Lord is pure, enduring forever; the ordinances of the Lord are reliable and altogether righteous.

verse 10 They are more desirable than gold— than an abundance of pure gold; and sweeter than honey— than honey dripping from the comb.

verse 11 In addition Your servant is warned by them;   there is great reward in keeping them.

verse 12 Who perceives his unintentional sins? Cleanse me from my hidden faults.

verse 13 Moreover, keep Your servant from willful sin; do not let them {sin} rule over me. Then I will be innocent, and cleansed from blatant rebellion.

verse 14 may the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable to you, Lord, My rock and My Redeemer.

Reflect in the Glory of God referred to in this Psalm.

Reflect in the salvation offered ask Him daily to help the words of your mouth be acceptable to Him Our Lord And Our Friend.

God bless

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