Walking In God’s Calling

John 15 Verse 16: “You didn’t choose Me, I chose you. I appointed you to go and produce lasting fruit, so that the Father will give you whatever you ask for, using My Name”.
Faith is not ours; rather is ours to give away. God did not give us our faith so that we keep it private, never to show it, or shut people out of it
Faith is not something that people have as an individual property right.
Yes, faith is personal, but it is relation ally personal, not ‘isolation-ally personal.
It is shared. It is not stolen or hidden, it is lived out and offered up.
We have been entrusted with The Good News of Christ Jesus, Our Lord and Our Friend. He has saved us, and He loves us. The Lord is challenging us and He is calling us to make a difference in this fallen world.
The Lord has given us faith in Him so that we can give faith to others as well.
Inspire people by the way we live out our faith today. Giving away your faith is one of the most blessed and important acts of love we can do for Him today.
The Reason the Christ came was that He could walk in relationship with each one of us. Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice for this, by dying as one of us on the cross. The Creator came to redeem us back to Him, ultimate love.Our love back to Him, is to walk with Him in our journey through life, and this Poem is prayer about relationship and being used by Our Lord and Our Friend.
This is a poem I wrote over 40 years ago called ‘Walk With Me Lord’

Walk with me Lord.

So people can see that I walk in Your presence,
Holding Your companionship with total respect,
That other people might also find and accept.
Instruct me Lord,
Using Your loving hand to guide me,
Shaping me and molding me,
Into this new way of living.
Breathe on me Lord,
That Your breath may make me whole in body, soul and spirit,
Knowing Your love can make my life one of meaning,
Through fervent prayer and never ending praises.
Anoint me Lord,
Immerse me in baptism with Your holy oil,
Saturate me Lord from my head to my feet,
So your work on me can become complete.
Help me Lord,
So I never look back, never turn back to the things less demanding,
That I will go on to achieve that final goal.
Through Your continuing countenance and understanding.
Stay with me Lord,
My spirit is willing but my flesh is weak,
But with You as my Lord, I can defeat,
The greatest of Goliaths that may come across my journey with You.
OFJ  [1978}
Be Blessed this day and Everyday, and Be a Blessing

From Your Friends at My Lord My Friend Ministries

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