Faith In Action ‘Become A Theophilus’

The Book of Luke, Luke is writing about Theophilus. In reading about Theophilus, we should want to be more like how Theophilus is described. ‘A lover of God’.

The object of Luke writings this gospel was to provide us with reasonable tools so, we can be certain of truth. Confidence and assurance for a followers of Our Lord and Our Friend doesn’t have to do with self confidence but with confidence in Him.

Luke like us all was a believer who come to believing after the actual time of Jesus’ life death and resurrection. Came to faith based on what we hear and by the power of God’s Spirit at work in us.

Luke must have seen how Theophilus loved God, and is presenting through his gospel to sharpen our certainty in Our Lord and Our Friend and fill us with that joy.

Catch the inspiration of the anointing, of the Holy Spirit in this message. In Luke 1 verse 3: The phrase ’from the beginning’ {Greek, anthem} can be translated ‘from above’ as it is in John 3 verse 3 and 19 Verse 11. Inspiration that Theophilus must have caught from listening to Luke.

Inspiration ‘from above’ that we too, will be called ‘A lover of God’

Inspiration to have a hunger for God

Inspiration to hunger, for more of the Word.

God Bless


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