The Splendor Of The Lord

The Lord will be our splendor. Isaiah 60 verse 19:

“The sun will no longer be your light by day, and the brightness of the moon will not shine on you; but The Lord will be your splendor.”

We used to sing a song, I can’t remember all of the song, but it went something like this: ‘The things of the world will grow strangely dim, in the light of His Glory and Grace.’ What makes us shine? It can not be anything in the world, because our life is to reflect His Glory.

My wife and I went away for a weekend, we didn’t plan it we just hopped in the car, and went, no destination in mind, but had several places under consideration. We ended up going to the mountains and we stayed the night at a motel overlooking the coast line.

When one gets to these places, one can not help but see the Glory of His creation. The vastness of all He has prepared for us. It was a beautiful place to write about Our Lord and Our Friend.

My reading for the day was from Isaiah, and sitting in the brightness of a beautiful sunrise, hence my reflection about who is our source of light and sustenance. The beauty of this sunrise, could not compare to the Glorious Light of His Presence, for all who have accepted Him.

Isaiah 61 verse1: “The Spirit of The Lord is one me, because The Lord has anointed Me to bring good news to the poor, He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and freedom to prisoners;”

This is what God The Father sent His Son to do, the light of that glorious revelation, should be shining in us more than anything in the world. The anointing of His redemptive message, is available to anyone ‘whosoever’ who genuinely Repents and Accepts with genuine Appreciation.

This raise a question, how committed to Him do we allow ourselves to be. It is never about us, our lives should be about promoting the interest of His Kingdom.

If we are to enjoy His Presence, we must spend time, conversing with Him {Prayer} and listening to Him through His Word, and acting upon the calling He has for each one of our lives. Jeremiah 29 verse 11.

My mountain top experience this time, was because I was on a mountain, but we can have mountain top experiences with Him anywhere, because He wants to be Lord of All, we are, and all we do.

My devotions in the revelation ‘The Lord will be our splendor, finished with a prayer: “Oh Father, in the light of this challenge today, Let Your will be done on earth, in me, as It is done in heaven, Grant it, Lord for the honor and Glory of Your Awesome and Wonderful Name, Amen {So be it}.

Everything we do should never be about us, but should be undertaken with ‘The Lord being our Splendor’. The world would definitely become a better place.

God Bless.


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