Not Just A Bible Character ‘Jacob’

When we think of the story of Jacob, He spent fourteen years of indentured service learning servitude learning to hate his own character weaknesses as he saw them reflected in the life of his manipulative uncle Laban. Why did he stay and endure this painful learning experience? Because he loved Rachel.

This time of endurance and learning, and his love for Rachel, sustained Jacob. Eventually Jacob’s name, which means ‘supplanter or schemer’  would be changed to Israel, which means ‘prince of God’.

If we look at Jacob’s Strengths and Accomplishments, we would list:

Father of the 12 tribes of Israel.

Third in the Abrahamic line of God’s plan.

Even though he was a schemer, he had a determination and willingness to work long and hard for what he wanted.

In listing weaknesses we can all identify with this weakness somehow, When faced with conflict, relied on his own reasoning and resources rather than taking it to God for help.

And again a weakness, that many in today’s society have, tended to accumulate wealth for it’s own sake.

Jacob’s story can be found in Genesis 25 to 50; and also Acts 7 verse 8 to 16;

Principles we can take from Jacob’s life, God can use all our intentions and actions, for and evil. There is no limiting what God can use. for His Own Glory..

Scripture Verse to remember: Genesis 28 verse 14: “All the peoples on earth will be blessed through you and your offspring”.

This is only a short reflection on the life of Jacob, read the full story of Jacob and enjoy.

God Bless,

O F J.

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