Not Just A Bible Character ‘Hannah’

Hannah story is told in 1 Samuel chapter 1 and 2:

Hannah lived at a time when having two wives was acceptable, but Hannah was unable to have children. Her husband Elkanah, other wife Peninnah used to taunt Hannah about this.

Hannah prayed for a son, and annually she would go to the temple at Shiloh to pray. Hannah vowed she would dedicate the son to the Lord.

The Lord answered her prayer, and she called her son Samuel.

Hannah faith in her God allowed her to be the mother of Israel’s greatest judge Samuel. Hannah later had three other sons and two daughters. The power of prayer is a testimony to Hannah.

Hannah occupation was listed as Homemaker, such a great occupation that is hardly given enough credit these days. How society misses the people who make a great home life to bring up their families.

If we were to list Hannah’s strengths, apart from being the mother of Samuel a great leader and judge, they would be;

Hannah was fervent in worship, and effective in prayer.

Hannah was willing to  follow through on even a very hard commitment, of giving her first born to service for the Lord. She kept her commitments.

If she had a weakness, Hannah struggled with her sense of self-worth, because she was unable to have children.

Great things we can learn from Hannah are;

God hears and answers prayer. All children are a gift from God. Our God is concerned for the oppressed and downtrodden.

Verse to Remember 1 Samuel 1 verse 27 and 28;   v 27″I prayed for this boy, since the Lord gave me what I asked for,v 28 I now give the boy to the Lord,”

God answers pray. Our Lord and Our Friend is no respecter of persons, so if anyone things lowly of themselves, He will here you and answer you.

Let us all become more prayerful and committed, read Hannah’s story and see how prayer and commitment transformed her life.

God Bless.


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