Grace Is Sufficient

One of the many verses that can be quoted, off by heart is 2 Corinthians 12 Verse 9. “My Grace is sufficient for you”.

The whole verse goes on to say, Paul Speaking, “ Therefore I will gladly boast all the more about my weaknesses , so that Christ’s power may reside in Me.’

Virtually saying I want less of the person I am, to become more like Christ,

People sometimes perceive your weakness to be, many years ago when I became a Bank manger, the person I needed to report to in head office, said about me, ‘I wish you were more assertive’.

Assertive – ‘To put oneself forward.

On mediating on the scripture about, we need to do the complete opposite. “Therefore I will gladly boast all the more about my weakness, so that Christ power may reside in me’.

Let Christ Jesus become apart of your life, in everything we do. I know that is why we called this ministry “My Lord My Friend Ministries”

Make him Our Lord and Our Friend, and I was to give credit to Him, after our Bank Branch had some big successes, when my boss was to say, after I reminded him about what he said, “No I don’t wont you to change, but I think there must be two of you, a quite one and a one that is very aggressive one.

More keen to do well, so my witness for Him will be stronger.

“My Grace is Sufficient for you”.

My –Means God

Grace — unmerited favor, I bring Christ what I have, my sin. He brings me what He has–His righteousness. The exchange is made. He takes my sin and gives me His righteousness. This is Grace, wonderful Grace.

Is — The present, always.

Sufficient– enough and to spare. “Our sufficiency is of God’

Some times we sing, “Fill MY Cup Lord”, to think our little cup, could contain the oceans of His Grace.

Let us all find more of His strength and courage that can dwell in the heart of every believer,

God Bless.


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