To Be Filled


Filled with the Holy Spirit, we must desire to be filled. Once filled, we should want more of what Our Lord, Our Redeemer and Our Friend has for us.

The disciples and followers were told to set themselves apart, and wait in an upper room, for The Holy Spirit to come.

The believers in the upper room waiting for something special from the Lord to happen, would have had a lot of things going through their mind, because for all intensive purpose they had received the Holy Spirit in their lives.

John 20 verse 23; On the day of Christ resurrection He breathed on His disciples and said. “Receive the Holy Spirit’. Indicating the newness of being born again, that regeneration and new life had been given to them. One can be born again {regenerated} and have the Holy Spirit. But we can have more:

Acts 19 Verse 6: The people mentioned here had believed in Jesus and were born again by the Spirit, and after they were baptized in water, Paul laid his hands on them and they were Baptized {Infilled with the holy Spirit}

But The power of The Holy Spirit, the infilling of the Holy Spirit also referred as the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. To be baptized in The Spirit means to be filled with The Spirit, however this baptism occurred only at and after Pentecost

The Baptism in the Holy Spirit will bring the personal boldness and power of the Spirit into the believer’ s life in order to accomplish mighty works in Christ Name and to make his or her witness and proclamation effective.

This power is not some impersonal force but is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit by which Jesus and His glory and works are present in His people.

Some other results of a genuine baptism of the Holy Spirit are:

1. An enhanced sensibility to sin that grieves God

2. A life that brings Glory to Jesus Christ

3. Display of various Gifts of the Holy Spirit

4. A deeper understanding of God’s word

5. And an increasing awareness of God as one’s Father {ABBA Father}

We must have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, to be Baptized in The Power of The Holy Spirit.

At Pentecost God gave His Holy Spirit and Power to all, who have set themselves apart.

God Bless.


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