Sunday Encouragement


If this is your day for rest, like us all you still need encouragement. Be encouraged today by this wonderful verse from: 2 Peter 1 verse 3:

2 Peter 1 Verse 3:

“For His divine power has given us everything required for life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness.”

Growing in Faith; Can we be guilty of stifling our Christian Faith and not growing?

Growing is a natural part of life, I remember my grandfather would cut the top off our pawpaw trees, and put a can on top of the cut, so the trees would still produce fruit, but would stop growing too high.

Sometimes we put a cap or a can on our learning growth. The vastness and magnitude of Our God, is too much for anyone to say they know it all.

The verse we are using this week says; Our Lord and Our Friend has given us everything required for life and Godliness.

He has given us everything so we can be contented in Him. How do we get this contentment? by knowledge of Him.

We are all called to acceptance of His Calling through repentance. we are all born into a fallen world, which is short of His Glory and Goodness. When we realize the fallen state of our nature, we will realize the need for repentance, and acceptance that Our Lord and Our friend has a better way of life for all of us.

We shouldn’t just settle there, because it is through Knowledge of Him {learning more about Him} we will grow in His divine power to understand, the contentment and Godliness of life, He has available to all of us.

Accepting Christ Jesus as Our Savior and Our Lord, is the start of a wonderful journey, of growing in His goodness and Godliness. This journey will transform our lives to a place where nothing can overcome the contentment we have.

Be Blessed Today And Everyday,

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