Weekend Inspiration


This Global earth has been called to a fearful accounting of sin and supreme solidarity in truth.  Perhaps the unknown, unexpected timing and intense life trials in these days will bring us each and all, some  stirring upheaval of moral shame that we must change forever in this unraveling cascade of indifference and abuse of moral upheaval.  Is it too late to reverse the acceptance of evil deeds and dismissed cruelty? Of rejection frequenting our very fiber of the goodness, wisdom and mercy of our Jesus, the ‘Father of Love’, The Lord of forgiveness, the ‘King of all our praying purposes’,  The Prince of eternal rejoicing who lifts us up from pain, who consoles our grief, guards our families in trials teaching us to respect his holy presence. He gives the gift of irrefutable truths from faith to his abiding abundance of righteousness that saves us above to join his heavenly home where his Church awaits us in spiritual fragrance. For now, we are holding our breath in worship to experience his ultimate freedom from the calamity of this present direction, of his ultimate release to reveal his power.

May he wrap you in his perfect peace and keep you in his circle of acknowledgement as to where he is leading us now.

Be Blessed



An Easter extra one of Old Fellow John many poems:

Walk with me Lord,

So people can see that I walk in Your presence,

Holding Your companionship with total respect,

That other people might also find and accept.

Instruct me Lord,

Using Your loving hand to guide me,

Shaping me and molding me,

Into this new way of living.

Breathe on me Lord,

That Your breath may make me whole in body, soul and spirit,

Knowing Your love can make my life one of meaning,

Through fervent prayer and never ending praises.

Anoint me Lord,

Immerse me in baptism with Your holy oil,

Saturate me Lord from my head to my feet,

So your work on me can become complete.

Help me Lord,

So I never look back, never turn back to the things less demanding,

That I will go on to achieve that final goal.

Through Your continuing countenance and understanding.

Stay with me Lord,

My spirit is willing but my flesh is weak,

But with You as my Lord, I can defeat,

The greatest of Goliaths that may come across my journey with You.

God Bless


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