Life Without Love

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Many of us, in fact most of us, at a stage in our lives, encountered la lack of love. In that situation we feel deprived and defeated and lose confidence. Love is an emotion of many feelings and some of us withdraw into our selves. The prospect of being out of the ‘LOVE’

Atmosphere,’ seems to be the end of the world, especially for teens. They fail to re-act to others, find no joy in life and suffer in lack of confidence or purpose. For them it as if the world has ended. No matter how much others try to support them it is without a hearing. The person is hurting and we are unable to console.

However, God loves ‘without ceasing’ and he pours his love into those who are bruised with rejection and lost joy. Here, the people around the aching person need to be very patient and perhaps spend a little more time just being still with comfort spaces near them and to offer a quiet, caring role alongside.

In Psalm 40 Verses1-5 it says, ‘I waited patiently for the Lord: he turned to me and heard my cry.’ So, hear the cry of the Lord and transmit it to the one who has lost an experience of love, no matter what age. Be persistent with your patience and be alongside even if just sharing a poignant silence and yet being aware of the Lord’s grace and trusting in his loving purposes.

Grace and Trust.

Be Blessed


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