Insights Into ‘Acts’


Acts shows how the gospel spread rapidly from Jerusalem to the whole Roman Empire, and from it’s Jewish roots to the Gentile world.

The Greatest news ever ‘Jesus has risen from the dead’. God has broken the curse of sin and death, making it possible for the world to come back to Him.

Now it’s time for the world to know this wonderful news of Gods’ Redemption, that allows anyone who chooses to return to intimate fellowship with Him again.

The God who loves us so much that he came to earth to rescue us.

God inspires the Gentile Doctor to write Acts, as the sequel to his Gospel, Luke takes up the story after Jesus’s resurrection. Jesus stays with His followers in Jerusalem teaching them more about God and His Kingdom. On the fortieth day after His resurrection, Jesus is taken up into heaven before their eyes.

Ten days later, when about 120 of Jesus’ followers are gathered in the upper room at Pentecost, tongues of fire descend on them. with His Holy Spirit.

Now God is within each of His followers, giving them power and wisdom. the spreading of the message how much God loves His creation, has began.

Peter and the apostle teach about Jesus mainly to the Jewish people until God gives Peter a vision for how his loving rescue is for all people.

God dramatically calls a brilliant and passion man Saul, and changes his name to Paul and show him that Jesus is the fulfillment of all he had studied.

The Apostle spread out across the known world and share Go’s love. Luke follows on his missionary journeys and plants many churches through Asian Minor and even to Rome and disciples them

God inspires Paul to write letters to churches and individuals which are to be preserved as part of the New Testament. God is drawing His people close.

The message of Acts ‘Christ has risen’ and anyone who accepts can be raise to newness of life and have a wonderful newness of relationship with their creator God.

God Bless.


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