Building God In Our Lives


In Ephesians chapter 4, Paul reminds his readers that he is in prison, and that they too should be bound to one another. For they are not just individuals, living life as it suits them. There is a unity in the body of Christ. All belong to one another and are called to work together, each making their own contribution. That unity is part of the oneness in the nature of things which comes from the one God’s who is over all and though all.

We are all one in Christ. I a world which is falling apart, Christians are called to express and maintain that unity, and to use the gift given to each of them for the sake of the whole. What God wants is mature adult people, and Christ provides the measure which yells you what that means.

We are not to be children, distracted by every latest thing and easily led astray by those with twisted minds. God has given us all, gifts and talents, no one is meant to be a spectator.

In Christ we are one body, and the Body of Christ is a sign of the new life we have been given in Christ. But sometimes we lose sight of who we are in and that Christ is the head of the body. And it is in these times we try to go our own way. We are meant to take all our directions and all our resources from Him so that we can help each other and grow more glorious together, as the Body of Christ.

Many people have knowledge about religion, Christianity, and the Bible. But intellectual knowledge is not the same as vital faith. That faith only comes from relationship with, the One Who gave Himself for us. Through repentance of not living the standard He has for our lives, and through acceptance by His Grace and Mercy, we are transformed into His Kingdom and into a Body of believer which He is the Head.

We become Kingdoms People,preventative of his Kingdom and representatives of The Body of Christ. where we are all apart of building each other up ,together in faith. Then together taking His Kingdom to the world.

God Bless.


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