Weekend Inpiration



Isaiah: 46. verse 3, tells us in God’s word, ‘I have made you and I will carry you.’

This reassuring sentence is a promise of his love. No matter how heavy you are in your burdens, trials and sorrows, HE will carry you. How comforting this sounds but it also gives an image of your brokenness needing His one to one attention. How often have we read in the Bible the ways Jesus sought out people alone to minister to them. No-one else was around, just HE and another. The woman at the well, the injured Samaritan, even David in his sinning. When in a crowd, Jesus applied healing of the bleeding sickness of a widow, .without her asking, yet by faith. Then, there was the follower whose daughter was dying some distance away. She was healed also with one to one faith at a distance’

Such was his ministry of power and love From his heart to their soul, a one to one gift of health, freedom and blessings that changes lives.

He made time for people in every circumstance, close by him or far away. That is how much he cares about us with unlimited love. Our earthly time is limited but Jesus does not limit his gifts to us, he increases our faith and he can do it, one to one with hands of strength, truth and understanding. We limit ourselves unless we recognize HIS forgiving presence, HIS anointing and spiritual insight, within the peace of God’s grace.

Seek often, one to one prayer time and receive all HE offers. Surrender to his un-limiting love power and spend ‘alone’ time with him ‘one to one’.


Be Blessed


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