Insights Into ‘Esther’


The Book of Esther describes how God’s people are saved from certain disaster through divine providence.

When King Curus issued a decree for God’s people to return from exile, many families stayed in Babylon. And later when the Persian overtook the Babylonians, some families moved eastward into Persia. Esther family was one such family, and many found successful positions in the foreign kingdom.

When next King Eerxes holds an empire-covering search for his next queen. All the eligible young women from across the kingdom are brought to the kings palace in Susa where they undergo twelve months of beauty treatment before being presented to the king.

Esther is a lovely, kind and beautiful orphan who has be look after and cared fro by her cousin Mordecai. God causes Esther to find favir with the Persian officials. Soon she is crowned King after capturing King Xerxes’ attention as well.

Esther keeps her Jewish heritage a secret. But one of the King’s officials Harman has a vendetta with Mordecai heritage. Haman manipulates King Xerxes into issuing a decree to murder all of God’s people in the Persian Empire.

Mordecai gets word to Esther, and with some faith filled encouragement Esther risks her life to expose Haman and his vile plan to the king.At the second of 2 banquets, Esther reveals that she is a member of God’s people and pleads with the king to spare her people.

Through Esther’s valiant efforts her people are saved and the evil Haman plan, an Haman, is put to death on the gallows he had made, for Esther people..

Satan wants to wipe out God’s people, but he stands no chance against our loving God. He stopped Satan then and He can stop Satan’s plans now. For God has plans and purpose for the people who chose Him as Lord and King {Jeremiah 29 verse 11}

We will live closely with our loving and wonderful God forever.

God Bless.


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