Insights Into 2 Corinthians


Paul encourages the Corinthians believers to be reconciled with Him and to reject false teachers who are challenging his authority and creating dissension in the church.

Paul had visited the church in Corinth and sent another letter, but neither attempt to instruct he church seems to have gone over well.

Being confronted is never good, but Paul has to rebuke the believers in Corinth for deadly sin. The Corinthians repent and it brings great joy to Paul, but their seems a few people in the church that question Paul’s authority.

Some in the church ask Paul to get a letter of recommendation, but Paul tells them he needs to give them no such letter. The work he does in Christ speaks for itself.

There are false teachers influencing the Corinthian Church and Paul, sarcastically gives them a title of super apostles. These people not only boast about what they can do but also ask payment for their services.

Paul neither brags nor requires payment, and the false teacher undermine him for this. Paul seemingly stoops to their level in boasting, but then he boast about different things, the times he was beaten, he was stoned and he suffered. Paul then tell shares of all his experiences, he ranks God’s goodness and grace in his hard times as the most meaningful of all.

Paul preaches and teaches about Jesus and hopes that the Corinthians will see Jesus reflected in the letter too. Through patience, graciousness and sacrificialness Paul himself is a wonderful reflection of God’s goodness.

God Bless.


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