Weekend Inspiration


This week’s ‘Weekend Inspiration’ is again one of cousin Ruth’s wonderful poems, be blessed and you read this poem called ‘Thanksgiving’


I come before your throne,

my Lord To offer up my love for you

It’s only for you Lord, and your mercy

That many trials I’ve come through

Sometimes I get so caught up

When everything seems to go wrong

But then, when I look up to you

I suddenly feel so strong

You put your arms around me

To protect me from all harm

You take the heartache away

So that the turmoils becomes calm

As I go daily in your strength

I’m growing by my mistakes

You show me where I go wrong

And gently show me what it takes

If it wasn’t for your love for me

I know I wouldn’t be here

Today I owe my life to you,

Dear Jesus Because to you,

I only have to pray It’s such an awesome feeling

To know you’re always there

That I can open up to you

And be assured that you care

So I come with a grateful heart

And a yearning filled anew

Nothing else feels the void

Except when I’m with you

Be Blessed Today and Everyday.

C.  Cousin Ruth 17/9/96

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