Binding Up The Brokenhearted




The Bible tells us we will always have the poor in our midst but there are many of us suffering and broken-hearted at certain times in our lives. We do not understand how God allows it to be so and question as to why we go unanswered seemingly. Grief, crisis and uncertainty are feelings we grapple with. I have been there too and many a day I sought comfort for my mourning.

As time passed the Bible showed me about planting vines and the timing of the growth to the crop of grapes and once the gathering of the fruit was over the re-planting began again. The thing is that with each planting and crop gathering the fruit was sweeter. Tending to the vines take patience, nurturing and is time consuming, in often unpredictable weather. The ageing of the established vines produce sweeter fruit season by season as is the wine that is bottled.

I therefore suggest that our God who mourns with us and cares about our broken hearts, plants time and seasons to nurture us toward fruitful answers to form stronger vines of wisdom and growth. From ashes can come fragrant oils of knowledge and awareness in trusting our God.   It may even bring an answer to your grieving heart where you can see a garment of praise after a long time, maybe years.

In Job 34 verse 14 it says, ‘He will bring justice if only you will wait. (In His time.)

One day, as you look back at the brokenness you might even be able to say, ‘Lord, because you say so, I will wait.’ With time that God plants and reaps. Your answers will come.




Be Blessed.


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