Insights Into ‘2 Samuel’

2 samuel

2 Samuel presents the story of David’s 40 year reign , beginning with his rise to be become a model king and ending with his subsequent decline caused by sin.

Kn the times when Saul hunted David like a criminal David trust God. And when David learns that Saul has died, his heart reflects of a king, and David grieves over the death of the Lord’s anointed.

David is crowned King. In one of his first acts as king, he defeats the Jebusites in Jerusalem and makes it the nations capital and his home. With great celebration David brings God’s Ark back to Jerusalem. The nation prospers as David follows His God.

David lives well in his new home, but is uncomfortable with The Ark of the most High God dwells in a tent. David wants to build God a permanent Glory home. God loves David enthusiasm and desire and says no. But God promises David that David’s son will build the temple.

But David sins greatly. One night he lusts after the wife of one of his greatest soldiers and sleeps with her. She becomes pregnant. David makes this sin worse by allowing her husband to be killed in battle,

The Lord’s anointed has fallen, spiritually. {how easy it is to fall when we take our eyes off God}. After confrontation some time after, David remorsefully and brokenheartedly confesses his sin to God. {why may we ask when God knows everything do we need to tell God, God can not do anything for us unless we confess our sins} I John 1 verse 9″

“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness”.

{So why, because without the confession of the sin, their can be no forgiveness}

Despite the consequences of his sin, David still seeks God with the kind of passion that God has been longing for. God values David so much that he writes David into his very own family tree.

God loves David, even calling him a man after His own heart.

God Bless


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