Faith In Action “When Things Don’t Make Sense’


If we read the newspapers or watch electronic media news, sometimes life doesn’t seem to make sense. I can certainly say that about my own life at the moment.

The Bible is always full of great stories that can help us through theses times. I always enjoy reading Habakkuk because a lot of things that were going on in his day didn’t make sense to him.

Habakkuk heard the news from the streets of Jerusalem and asked the classic question: “How much longer, Lord?” Habakkuk was more disturbed by The Lord’s answer. The answer was, ‘Soon the violence and corruption of Judah would be punished by the Babylonians’.

Habakkuk was shocked and dismayed, and said”Not Them Lord, How could you? They deserve worse judgement then we do”> The Lord’s reply came like the sun breaking over the horizon. The Light of God’s Truth cleared Habakkuk’s troubled vision. It went past Habakkuk’s current troubles and Habakkuk saw the glorious Lord and light and life.

Habakkuk remembered God’s goodness in the past to save His people. He believed The Lord would again show mercy. when we think about the Lord’s goodness and mercy, we too, will find the result Habakkuk found for himself, the Peace of Faith replaced the panic of fear.

Habakkuk teaches us that the righteous live by faith, in the One who alone can answer our tough questions, no matter how difficult or unclear our circumstances may seem.

Our Lord and Our Friend knows all our frustrations and when we are going through things that are hard and unfair, Whether it is a business failure, and awful sickness diagnosis, children problems and the wrong side of winning. Living by Faith means seeing through the darkness, beyond the bleak present to the certainty that The Lord’s promises will come through.

The message of Habakkuk, is We live by faith and not by sight.

God Bless.

O F J.

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