Weekend Inspiration



It is very important to have a heart for humanity and, where appropriate, be aware of encouraging hope to the hopeless lifestyle many live by. It is in the balance of knowing how far we, as Christians, are able to assist the needy without boundaries. We, if learning the language of giving and caring for others, must not compromise their own values nor break their own moral standards. An invisible thread of morality must be a presence at all times to combat being drawn into tempting atmospheres.

By all means share the love of the Lord that he spread in humility and hope amidst all but he also had the heart to prayerfully resist the essences of wrongdoing. The heart of Jesus reached out to change lives wherever he went but disassociated from sin to remain pure. Yet he did not condemn from his loving spirit but searched to seek out souls who were teachable and to bless them and renew. It did not matter to him if he mixed with the

un-couth who used expletives, did not wash themselves, had no manners and were unruly because he looked at their hearts. His mission was to gather the lost, the hurting and helpless into his circle of caring love. To guide them into a structure of living to matter, to desire the holy spirit experience of changed hearts spiritually and to spread the word to serve Jesus and become holy whole.

A formidable task indeed but the walk with God, to share the lamp of loving oil he pours into us is his heart to heart power.

Feel his love power.


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