Insights Into ‘3 John’

john 3

John writes this letter in support of traveling teachers

God inspires John to write to his brother in Christ, Gaius who is evidently a leader of a church. The message has reached John’s church that Gaius is showing wonderful hospitality to traveling missionaries, who are doing a great job of spreading the news about Jesus.

Welcoming people and people are hearing about the love the church is displaying.

But a fellow called Diotrephes loves to be first, has turned away other Christ representatives, even going so far as to put out members of the church who show love in hospitality. John promises that he will deal with this when he arrives.

John takes this opportunity to teach about truth and evil John 3 verse 11: “Dear friend, do not imitate what is evil, but what is good. The one who does good is of God; the one who does evil has not seen God.”

People who have not experienced, do not know Gods’ hart or his goodness, obviously because they would not do evil.

It is a faith in action. If we know Jesus, if we have seen his heart, if we love Him, that love will flow out of our actions. God’s love and actions in our lives, will be obvious for the world to see.

I This letter John reaches out to Gius in both love and truth, just as god is reaching out to the world. God wants people to see His truth, see His loving heart and accept the great love He has for us.

Back to Gospel of John 3 verse 16: “any whosoever can come and be accepted”

God Bless


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