Weekend Inspiration



Have we each not been through hard times? Becoming a Christian in life does not carry a guarantee of perfection. In fact we feel finger nail clawing through dark clouds of emotional despair, clinging to faith beyond the fever seemingly uncontrolled situations, crying for courage when grief and heartache knock at the door of life.

When tears cascade like Winter rivers, you are defeated by loss and depleted by sorrows, seeking to trust in the strength and courage of unrevealed answers from God that you cannot touch by hand, and unseen humanly.But from the Bible of Hope and Love, his presence will become evident to a heart that trusts in this ongoing, ever sustaining God. He is the light of allowing the overflowing outcome beyond what you are experiencing.

A situation may seem so frightening, a death so grievous, a suffering so deep that your soul shrivels.How often, in the Bible of Hope, does the word say, ’And they will know that I am the Lord/ they will know without doubt!’In Ezekiel 31 there is an amazing description of trees, bird life and abundant waters, majestic in their beauty where no other trees could be matched by them. In verse 9:

“I made it beautiful with abundant branches and the envy of all the trees of Eden in ‘the garden of God”.

This is how God feels about us, like majestic trees and abundant in beauty, like that tree, you will live in the shade of our Lord in abundance of love with strength, courage, growth and blessings.

Trust and believe


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