Insights Into ‘Joshua’


God enables Joshua to lead the armies of Israel to victory over the Canaanites in the promise land.

After God called Moses home, He puts the mantle of leadership on Joshua. Joshua and Caleb were the only two remaining adults who lived through God’s rescue of His people out of bondage in Egypt.

Joshua and Caleb were sent to spy on the promise land before it was taken, they came back and said it could be taken, at the time the people choose not to.

The tribes in the promise land are powerful and numerous, and God’s people must fight to claim it. As Joshua leads the army through many battles, God continues to show His people, His awesomeness.

It is amazing who can be use by God, if they are willing. During a scouting exercise, the two spies find a prostitute named Rahab who was willing to help. The spies promised that her and her families life would be spared for helping. A scarlet chord was tied to the window, so Rahab family could be saved. A promise of what was to come for all, who put their faith in Christ Jesus.

To get to the promise land the people must cross the Jordan river. God’s presence in the Ark of the Covenant leads the way, and as soon as the priests place there feet in the Jordan the waters part. Another demonstration of the mighty power of God.

Joshua was given a strange plan by God, on how to take the city of Jericho. The army was to take a daily walk around it walls each day for six days, with trumpets blasting the only sound. On the seventh day they would circle the city seven times, on the first six lapse they were to be silent, with shouting and celebration on the seventh. Another display of God’s awesome power.

Under Joshua leadership, the people conquer most, but not all of the promise land. But God still tells Joshua to divide up the land, and the people settle in the promised land.

Abraham family with the help of God has grown into a nation, and they come back to a land of their own.God has fulfilled His promise. Another demonstration of the mighty power. This is a vital step in God’s paln, to draw all humanity back to himself.

God Bless.


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